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Improved ROS-based architecture for the program core

I’m about to finish migration to the ROS. Aside small things, architecture seems crystalized. It looks like following: Every block represents ROS-node (except the hardware block). Interaction between blocks is trying to mimic a real brain (as I understand what is happening there). I’m lazy to describe every node right now, I will write an article when this work will end up with the second demo. But if you interested you can check the code out in the repository here:

Just a photo with current state and a repo I'm working on.

https://github.com/an-dr/zakharos_core (just pushed one more step according the plan)

Moving platform update 1

When three wheels are better than four

Thoughts about execution of commands in a mind-like program

I’m trying to reverse engineer myself and apply it to the Zakhar. Some points: I can’t send a direct order to, let say, my hand I must form a concept, like “fold fingers into a fist” or “move the hand up” What that’s mean for Zakhar: The main program should use high-level commands or concept It is needed one more node translating these concepts into commands for devices Possible in-program interaction using terms of ROS and Zakhar should be like:

The ​Zakharos Milestone

Started the work on the next milestone called Zakharos. Aims of the milestone: Re-implementing The Reptile Demo with ROS - for simpler development of sophisticated Mind’s structures Re-implementing Moving platform with the ESP32 , an accelerometer, PWM, FreeRTOS and WIFI communication - for faster responses, precise positioning, simpler access and more stable working. Project’s milestones

Robot with the Conscious: Imitating animal behavior for reducing user's anxiety

Finally! Just finished an article about my robot. Robot with the Conscious: Imitating animal behavior for reducing user s anxiety #robot #article #robotics #embedded #zakhar #hardware #automation #engineering #hobby #diyproject #embeddedsystems #electronics

Moving to the Robot Operating System

The first experiments with ROS showed that it probably will help a lot in building mind-like organized programs. Node-based conception and server-client interactions hopefully allow me to think less about queues, threads, and access control, which took the most of the time during building the first demo on bare Python. Here are some ideas of the mind-like program architecture. I probably will working on it next weekend. Colored blocks are nodes

The Reptile Demo

While I’m finishing a new article about the project, please look the video demonstration. Without the context for now