Changelog since the Reptile Demo Milestone:


  • Updated cable system with 8-pin connectors (see: Power post. Part one.).
  • Added union connectors for charging of all platforms at once.
  • Added switchers for each platform.
  • Created a new repository including the sensor platform and the face module: zakhar_io

Sensor platform:

  • Used Arduino Nano v3 instead Pro Micro - for better stability
  • United with face module as one platform
  • Added Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04, but without software support yet.
  • Updated face module with stabilized voltage

Computing (brain) platform:

Moving platform:

  • New chassis with a stand
  • ESP32 instead of Arduino Nano v3
  • Bluetooth connection control
  • Position module MPU9250 with ability to turn for a given angle (see: New ESP32-based platform testing: Angles!)
  • New third wheel - with rubber
  • Removed rotation encoders as useless
  • Updated motors by the modification with a metal reductor